Monday, February 28, 2011

Weigh In #4: Plus Size Bloggers Tracking Challenge: 4 Weeks to a Better You

Well, it is time for the final weigh in for February's 4 Weeks to a Better You challenge over at Plus Size Bloggers.   I am going to use my weigh in from yesterday as I know from last month's experience that my weight will be higher today because of it being that time of the month.  I figured it would be alright to use Sunday's weight because I started this challenge by weighing in on Sunday's when I was posting my Get Fit with Wii Fit posts.  I hope nobody feels this is cheating. I definitely noticed that this past couple of days I have been a lot more "nibbly" and it was the same last month.  I had read someone posting about munching during the PMS time of month.  Definitely seeing a pattern here.  And it is not psychological, because I didn't realize it was that time of the month until Saturday.  I am pretty irregular.

Anyway, no pictures this week of the Wii.  I couldn't find my batteries (We have rechargeable batteries and I can have 4 in the balance board while charging the others, but yesterday the one set came up missing.) so I had to use the ones from my camera and Steven's camera.

I have really enjoyed this month of Fighting the Fat over at Plus Size Bloggers.  Not only did I have the accountability, but she really shared some great articles.  I really enjoyed learning about the benefits of drinking green tea. I have added one cup of tea to my afternoon.  Definitely helps keep me away from snacking while waiting for/preparing dinner.  This time of day was definitely a bad time for me.  I also have found that if I am tempted to eat something I can drink a glass of water to help resist the temptation.  I was so happy when I noticed that I was not at all tempted by sweets when I was out shopping today.  Not saying everything in my cart was healthy, but I could look at the candy and just turn away without any sense of desire.

I am debating taking part in a get healthy challenge for the family that was in this current issue of Parents Magazine.  Every week there is just one thing to try to get healthier in the areas of fitness, nutrition, health and happiness.  There are 4 weeks worth of tips in this issue and there will be 4 weeks worth in the next two issues as well, for a total of 12.  I know it is important for the whole family to be healthy.  The girls do already take their turns on the Wii Fit in the mornings.  Usually doing things like the Free Step and Jogging.  Amelia loves to ask for the 2 player jog.  But Tabitha tries other exercises too, like Kung Fu and juggling.  Amelia says she can't do Kung Fu like 100 times a day.  Of course Steven has been participating in Plus Size Bloggers and my hubby gets on the WiiFit when he can.  It's definitely easier if everyone is trying to be healthy than trying to do this solo.

I am still waiting for my foot to feel better so I can get back up to the intensity of exercise I was doing.  Surprisingly, I discovered this morning that it actually hurts less to do my DVD than stepping for half an hour.  So that will become a daily exercise again.  And dancing around to the children's silly music is good exercise too.  I do know that I feel better, both physically and about myself when I get up and exercise in the mornings.

Starting weight Plus Size Bloggers Challenge: 248.2
Previous Weight: 238.5
Today's Weight: 237.7
Weight Loss This Week: .8 pounds
Total Loss Since started Challenge: 10.5 pounds
Total Loss since weight loss journey got serious on December 13th 2010: 24.2

January 12

February 16

I realize these dates don't correspond to the dates of this challenge, here is the latest picture:

Looking forward to next month's challenge


  1. Great work!! I'm glad you found an exercise you can do until your foot heals. I hope it heals quickly. The green tea has helped me too. I drink anywhere from 1 cup to 3 cups. I don't care for caffeine so I limit that. :) Hope you see you at the next challenge! Keep up the great work! Doing good!

  2. Congrats on your loss! I am addicted to Green Tea Chai these days and have forsaken all other teas for it :-). Keep up the good work!