Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Power of One, New You Weekly Weigh in: Feb 23rd, 2011

Power of One Challenge

Well, I think I have had another good week.
My current weight is 237.7.  That is a 3 pound loss from last week. 

I had a better week than I thought I would.  The pain in my foot got worse. I think there were two reasons for this.  First, I insisted on using the height extender to do my stepping (especially trying the Body Fail project) and my boxing.  Second, as it started to hurt more I was all tense, walking on the inside of my foot and then the whole thing started hurting.  On Sunday I was quite down over it, figuring I was going to gain my weight back because I wasn't getting the exercise in.  I think what saved me was the fact that I have been really good at keeping away from the sweets and I wasn't snacking in between meals or eating after dinner. I also started drinking the cup of green tea each day in the early afternoon.  And I am being more faithful at drinking 2 cups of water before meals.  No, I don't record calories eaten, or even what I eat.  I have just been trying to eat healthy; I try for a salad once a day.  

So, I actually lost weight for my Monday weigh in for Plus Size Bloggers.  And I lost an additional .9 pounds since Monday!  I have started back up with the DVD, just at the lower intensity.  And I am only stepping and doing boxing with the balance board on the floor the way it is supposed to be.  

Now for this coming week's minor set back.  There is something wrong with the balance board, which really only affects it for the stepping.  It does not register when someone (i.e. me) steps off completely.  It registers one foot up, other foot up, one foot down.  Then the other foot is a miss.  Luckily I can still get my exercise done.  Unfortunately that messes up any chance to up my steps for the Free Step like I was going to try to do along with the Body Fail challenge of trying to go longer.  I can go longer, it just won't register correctly.

You should really go over to Plus Size Bloggers to check out all the fat burning tips she is posting.  You can also sign up for her Ezines with more great info.  Though it is too late to be signing up for this months challenge, there will be another one coming up.

Hoping for another good week this week.

Looking forward to checking out how everyone else is doing.


  1. Congrats on losing weight despite being injured. That's a mighty impressive feat. You've made great choices with food and being mindful of your intake. But let yourself heal.

  2. Way to go on the weight loss this week. You've made great choices despite having an injury.

  3. Great job on the weight loss this week....especially with foot pain. Great work!!

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