Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plus Size Bloggers: March Contest Ending Measurements!

It is time to record my measurements for the challenge over at Plus Size Bloggers .  This month it was all about the measurements.  Here are the results:

                                Feb 28, 2011                                 March 31, 2011
  • Neck:                      14 1/2                                            14
  • Upper Arm Left:        18 1/4                                             17 3/4
  • Upper Arm Right:         18                                                17
  • Chest:                     47 1/2                                            46
  • Waist:                       46                                                43
  • Abdomen:                   43                                                 41 1/2
  • Buttocks:                   55                                                 53 1/2
  • Upper Thigh left:       30 1/2                                             30
  • Upper Thigh right:     30 3/4                                              29
  • Calf left:                 18 1/4                                              18
  • Calf right:               18 1/2                                              17 3/4
  • Upper Knee left:       20 1/2                                              19 1/2
  • Upper Knee right:        20                                                 19
  • Total Inches:           380.75                                              366
I lost 14 3/4 inches this month.  Not sure if that is good or not.  But it feels good to me.  My dresses are flowing again and not tight, they reach down further on my legs.  That is how I know I have been losing weight and inches.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring In2 Action Challenge: Week 4

Spring In2 Action

  Time to weigh in and check in with Spring In2 Action over a The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

I had a much better week than last week.  I didn't really get the munchies, surprisingly.  I have had a lot of excess energy too.  I found myself dancing around the living room several times.  One day the girls were watching a Leap Frog DVD and I was jogging and dancing to the music.  Not sure if I am going crazy, if it's the extra caffeine from having 2 cups of green tea a day or what.  Unfortunately today I am really light headed and I am not sure if it is from the caffeine or not.

I mentioned my plan to make myself a water consumption chart and food nibbling record to hang on the fridge. Still have to do that.

Anyhow, I actually lost weight again this week.  I am so excited, though I doubt I will reach 220 by my birthday, I will probably meet my WiiFit goal as I only have to lose another 3 pounds or so.

Starting weight Spring In2 Action Challenge: 237.7
Previous Weight: 229.9
Today's Weight: 226.9
Weight Loss This Week: -3
Total Loss Since started Challenge: 10.8 pounds
Total Loss since weight loss journey got serious on December 13th 2010: 35

Measurements are down another 6 3/4 inches from the beginning of this month, down 14 3/4 inches total. Hubby mentioned I was probably bloated last week as I was only down 2 last week.  Wasn't thinking it was at that time of the month already, but it was.  I was so glad I didn't have to weigh in Saturday, because it is usually the first couple of days that my weight goes up, which was the problem last month.

I don't think the Wii Board knows how to add.  It is always off by .1

I love seeing that downward slope.

Last week's weight:

This week's weight

Exercise was a tad better:
I don't even have everything recorded.  We have The Biggest Loser: The Workout rented from Netflix.  My son has been using it more than I have actually.  Wow, I had a hard time getting through the "low intensity" workout.  The menu is a little confusing.  It says for weeks 1-3 we are to alternate Workout 1 and 3.  And for weeks 2-4 we are to alternate Workout 2 and 4.  We are wondering if the second part should say weeks 4-6 because it is supposed to be a 6 week program.  This thing has a lot of squats and lunges which are hard for me.  Especially the lunges, I never have been able to get my back leg bent far enough to the ground.  Anyway, I used it 2 days and neither day did I finish the workout.  It was a time thing.  I have been glad to get outside for a walk a couple of times too.  

Here are some pictures:

This one is from the end of last month

This is from today:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seeking Virtue Sunday-March 27, 2011

I found a blog hop over at Measuring Flower. Here is what T.J. says about her blog hop:

 It's intent is to connect Christian lady-bloggers across blogdom in a way that strengthens and encourages one another and our readers.

The title, quite obviously, is based off the Proverbs 31 lady. And the ruby butterflies off the same. Since I have never met a woman who was the perfect Virtuous Woman, I have selected Seeking Virtue because we as women are imperfect, but we do seek that virtue.

I am posting about this on a Wednesday to give you Christian ladies a heads-up in case you would like to participate. That way you have time to pen a related post.

This blog hop is for all Christian ladies, whether you're single, married, widowed, divorced, a mom, a grandma, an aunt...all born-again Christian lady-bloggers are openly invited to participate.

And of course there are some rules:

As with any blog hop, there must be rules. Here they are:
  • You must have a family-friendly blog (i.e. rated G) and you must be a Christian lady.
  • You must write a Christian post about your walk with Christ. Here are a few ideas:
    • Something you personally have learned in your walk with Christ.
    • A devotional to help other Christian ladies grow.
    • An activity for Christian ladies to do that will strengthen their relationship with Christ.
    • A Bible verse that's important to you and why.
    • Something spiritual you shared with your kids and how they reacted.
    • A virtuous lady (or godly man) whom you seek to be more like or who has positively impacted your life.
    • Something else--be creative but do remain on topic.
  • Please place either the button above (you can change its size) in your SVS post or copy and paste the SVS banner I have at the very top of this post into your post.
  • I ask that you please leave a link back to this blog (
  • Return on Sunday to leave the link to your SVS post in the linky list that will be posted Sunday morning.
And there you have it. I personally will probably be going through Proverbs 31 in the beginning. You can do the same from your own perspective or you can do something else.

I have been reconvicted by the Lord recently about covering my head.  I have been wearing a head covering for about 15 years now, when I was going to a conservative Mennonite church that I became a member of.  

Wait, let's start at the beginning.  I grew up Catholic, but had drifted away from church, initially because of my work schedule and then because of getting married to a man whom I did not realize at the time considered himself an atheist.  I was very confused about my beliefs at this period in my life and after moving away from my family and church I grew up in, I didn't seek a new church.  Me being the shy person that I am.  A couple of years and several moves later I found myself living in a housing complex where my then husband and father of my three older children met a lady who was a neighbor. I am not sure how long he knew her before I met her. But to me, she was the lady in the purple coat with the black thingy on her head.  Very long story short, we became friends and had great conversations about different beliefs.  I eventually started attending her church and wearing my hair up in a bun and wearing dresses and skirts, though I wasn't covering yet, because I didn't know how my husband would react.  I know I had one conversation with him where I said something about being the way God made me and he didn't want to hear anything about it.  So I didn't feel I should be too radical.  

I knew all the ladies in the church covered their heads, I had read literature that made it sound that if you were a woman and not wearing a covering you weren't a Christian.  Of course this also brought some confusion into my mind.  I know there are plenty of good Christians who do not cover their heads.  Anyhow, I eventually was baptized (truly an Anabaptist as I was baptized as an infant in the Catholic Church, but maybe that will be a post for a later time), became a member of the church and was covering my head with an accepted black veil.  Though most of the women wore white caps the black veil was acceptable.  I knew the veiling symbolized submission to my husband, but I don't think I really grasped the concept of submission to the Lord.  Enter more conflict.  I became more active in the church, teaching Sunday School, attending church each week.  All the while not submitting to my husband who didn't want me going to church or wearing dresses or the "fish net" on my head as he called it.  I was torn and getting no real advice from anywhere.  There is a verse in the Bible that said we should obey God rather than man, so I figured, okay, God says cover my head, I need to obey.  There was so much tension in our marriage (though their were other issues too) that after several threats of divorce, he finally went through with it.  Close to the time of the divorce, a relative of someone in my church had given me a book called, Me, Obey Him? by Elizabeth Rice Handford.  What I got out of that book was that if I had it in my heart that I wanted to obey God but my husband wouldn't let me, I was to obey my husband as he was my head.  I still don't know that I agree with everything in her book, and I was really still confused, but it was too late for my marriage anyway even if I did stop going to church, stop wearing my veil and start wearing pants again.  

I continued to cover my head because I felt it was the right thing to do, I see it plain as day in 1 Corinthians 11 that a woman is to cover her head with an additional covering, not just her hair.  I admit I can not do a very good job explaining this on my own.  If you are interested in reading some great information on a Christian Woman's Head Covering I would recommend heading over to Amy's blog, Beloved, she has just been sharing some posts on head coverings and has some previous links as well.  edit: Unfortunately, Amy's blog is now only able to be viewed by invited readers. However, the article she used to link to is available over on Amazon. It is called, "The Biblical Headcovering: Scarf of Hidden Power."  I found it very informative.

As time went on I changed churches to a more liberal Mennonite Church where only one other lady wears a covering and that is only during church.  I started to question if I should continue to wear the covering.  My new husband is fine with me wearing my veil and my dresses, though he did request I wear my hair in a braid as opposed to a bun.  I just wasn't sure if it was necessary anymore.  I got to a point where I was wearing it because I didn't know what people would say if I stopped wearing it.  Would I be seen as a hypocrite.  And what would God think if I stopped wearing it.  I know that wearing the covering (which is now a bandanna) does not save me.  But it all got muddled in my mind. 

And along comes a blogger (Amy) who had not grown up Mennonite, yet discovered the Biblical teaching of covering her hair.  In fact, you should read her story, it is amazing.  Then I found out their are many other women out there, not brought up covering, but discovering the "rightness" of the practice, and desiring to be obedient to the Lord have started wearing a covering of some sort.  I have found it ironic that people who may have grown up in a church that used to cover no longer cover, the practice has gone by the way side.  The only explanation that comes to mind, is that so many are told they have to cover and not really told why that the significance of the veiling has been lost.

After reading all this information and reading testimonies of other ladies I have recommitted to wearing my covering as commanded by the Lord so as to be in submission to Him.  Though being submissive even now to my husband is a struggle for me at times, I will continue to seek the Lord's guidance and help to submit in obedience to His word.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring In2 Action Challenge: Week 3

Spring In2 Action

  Time to weigh in and check in with Spring In2 Action over a The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

In my last post I mentioned the temptations I had given into.  The nibbles didn't really go away all week, though I didn't really keep getting into the really bad snacks.  I also had trouble getting exercise done.  I know I had two days where I did do my DVD but forgot to add it to my log.  And I took a 1 mile walk around town yesterday and forgot to add it.  Other than that my exercise isn't very impressive.  The ironic thing is, my foot is much better. In fact we have danced around the living room a few times and I was actually hopping and jumping.  I haven't been able to lift off the floor for a while!

Surprisingly though, I actually lost weight.  Not sure how, but I'll take it!!!

I plan to make myself a water consumption chart and food nibbling record to hang on the fridge.  Gotta start doing a better job keeping track.  I am not even going to attempt to journal everything I eat.  Too much going on as it is.  

Here is this week's weight:

Down from last week!!!

Somehow accomplished with this unimpressive exercise:

Starting weight Spring In2 Action Challenge: 237.7
Previous Weight: 233.5
Today's Weight: 229.9
Weight Loss This Week: -3.6
Total Loss Since started Challenge: 7.8 pounds
Total Loss since weight loss journey got serious on December 13th 2010: 32

Measurements are down another 2 inches from the beginning of this month, down 8 inches total.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stupid temptations and weak will power

I thought I was doing so well resisting temptations.  I actually thought I had gotten beyond the emotional
"grab the food and munch" and then feeling, "well I already ate a donut why not have some candy too."  But oh boy did I learn better these past two days.  I can never let my guard down!!!  It is so important to remember that.

I know I am supposed to put this in the past.  But I really am upset with myself.  I have been doing so well.  And it seemed a little ironic that it is the season of Lent and I should be denying myself not indulging.

It started yesterday.  I was making the girls their final muffin tin for my On Our Way to St. Patrick's Day series. I was making the girls rainbow muffin tins and I needed some gold wrapped candies to represent the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  So all hubby was able to find was miniature Reese's cups.  And just to make sure he knows, I do not blame him for my indiscretion.  I have been resisting temptation since the beginning of the year, who could know those silly candies would break me.  I was only going to have 2 1/2, which is half a serving.  Then it became a full serving.  Then I was nibbling on some of the other foods I gave the children.  Then I decided I wasn't even going to try to resist the temptations at my daughter's Dessert Theater.  First I had talked about taking an orange with me.  Then I reminded myself and my hubby that I am not supposed to eat after dinner.  The plan was to just enjoy the music.  After I had eaten the Reese's cups I just gave up. I ended up having a piece of peanut butter pie and a slice of chocolate chip cake, plus nibbling at Amelia's chocolate cake she wasn't as interested in as she thought she would be.  It would have been better if they didn't make the "servings" so big.

I think I have been a little down because I had gained weight this week.  Bring on the emotional eating. Even though I didn't realize it at first.  I have resisted using a journal because I have been doing so well.  But I think I have been sneaking a little more and a little more as I have gone along.  I am just not sure how I will find the time to get it written down.  But I have got to get back on track. Today was worse.  A donut in the morning, after getting up too late to exercise, because of going to bed too late. And while making lunch I found myself sneaking the Reese's cups again.  That is a sign of addiction right? Sneaking the food, trying to hide that you have a problem.  Oh, and I had another donut while lunch was cooking.  And such a healthy lunch, store bought chicken nuggets and sodium filled hull less popcorn.  We had cheese, bread and butter (though I am now using I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light) and veges.  At least I wiped the ranch dressing off my plate and used honey mustard instead.  Then I snacked on some "healthy" Special K cracker chips after picking my son up from work.  And while I was preparing dinner I was getting frustrated because I couldn't find things and dinner was going to be late, so I found myself snacking yet again.  Stupid Swiss Rolls.  I had to hide the fact that I was eating them. My hubby keeps telling me how proud he is of me for how well I have been doing.

So, I have 4 days of being really good before I have to weigh in.  Five mornings of being able to exercise.  I really hope these past two days don't ruin my week.  Time to get moving and resist those temptations!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring In2 Action Challenge: Week 2

Spring In2 Action

  Time to weigh in and check in with Spring In2 Action over a The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

Well this week was far from stellar.  Must I post?    Okay, fine, if you insist.

I have definitely had a hard time meeting my goals this week.  

Here are my goals from the beginning of the year. I haven't really looked at them recently, so lets see how I am doing as we are now in the middle of March.

  • Go to bed by 11pm   Nope, midnight still seems to be the best I can do.
  • Wake up and read the Old Testament reading from The NIV Daily Bible I have got to start doing this. But because I wake up later than I want I don't take the time to do this.  The way it is right now, trying to get my exercise in, we are not ready for our day until around 10am.  What with having to eat breakfast, clean up, brush teeth and hair.  Gotta get to bed by 11 and set my alarm I guess, because this goal is too important to neglect.
  • Use the Wii Fit Plus (my routine is currently 20 minutes of Yoga and Strength and 30-40 minutes of Aerobics, depending upon the children of course)  I have been getting the Yoga and Strength done everyday minus one.  But some days that is all I get in.  I have had a hard time getting the extra exercise in this week.  And when I do it has been the Wii aerobics, like the step and boxing which is obviously not enough.  Need to fit in that DVD!
  • Be more active with the children (dancing, chasing around, park in the spring, walks when it warms up) Let's see, we danced a couple of days this week.  
  • Read my New Testament and Psalms/Proverbs readings from The NIV Daily Bible at nap time, plus my Blogging to Bible Study challenge. Okay, have not been doing this either.  And I have never found out any more about the Blogging to Bible Study challenge, not sure what happened with it.
  • Possibly get some exercise in during nap time (but I will use this time for blogging too). Probably my Aerobics DVD, or a walk in good weather.  Hoping to get a Step DVD with taxes. None this week.
  • Eat at least one salad a day. Haven't met this goal this week.
  • Cut way back on sweets. Again, not my best week.  We have that Biggest Loser Cookbook from the library and I have been trying to use recipes from it.  Unfortunately I have also made some desserts, which would be okay if I limit them to lunch time like I was supposed to but we have had snacks after dinner.  Ooops.
  • Get up and clean or walk or something while I wait for the slow computer to load, instead of twiddling my thumbs. Ooops
  • I am looking into the 16 Week Challenge in my book by the First Place author Carole Lewis titled Back on Track. Not doing this after all.
  • No food after dinner, I will allow myself a dessert occasionally, but it has to by at dinner time. Yes, I know I said above that I don't allow myself dessert after dinner but here it says I do.  I changed this goal after posting these goals. I have been faithful to not actually eating after dinner is done though.
  • No late night snacking. Check.
  • Drink lots of water, including 2 glasses full before each meal. Not my best week for remembering water before the meals.
My goal is to lose at least 60 pounds by the end of 2011. I think I will be able to do more than that now, seeing how well I have done during the past 2 1/2 months. I do realize the weight won't come off as easily or as fast as I keep losing.  I started the year at 257.3, have lost 24.8 pounds already.  I'd love to accomplish a 10 pound loss each month, but I don't think that is realistic as I keep losing weight. I would love to try to lose another 70 pounds by the end of the year.  
My short term goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of the Power of One Challenge on February 23rd. Well, I surpassed that.  

I really wasn't sure how I was going to do this week.  I know I still haven't been doing as much exercise as I was because of my foot, though it has improved greatly.  And somehow along the way I have gotta away from some of my other goals. I haven't been very faithful at getting my exercise in twice a day.  I have been spending more time sitting at the computer again.  And still haven't managed to get to bed by 11pm.  Midnight is about the best I seem to do.  I use the excuse that I have my uninterrupted computer time after the children are finally settled down for the night.  I really don't know how I spend so much time online though.  Gotta work on that bedtime this week.

I have snacked more this week than I had been.  Especially while getting meals ready.  Sometimes I catch myself and pour myself a glass of water.  Gotta remember the water first.   

I did not reach my intermediate goal for Wii Fit, so now I am questioning my ability to be down to 220 by my birthday.  We'll see.

Here is this week's weight:

It's up from last week:

However, looking at the last two weeks, perhaps I lost too much last week?  I know, I'm reaching.  Still shouldn't have gained.

Definitely haven't been getting very much exercise in. Oops, I did do my DVD this morning, forgot to log it in.

Starting weight Spring In2 Action Challenge: 237.7
Previous Weight: 232.8
Today's Weight: 233.5
Weight Loss This Week: + .7
Total Loss Since started Challenge: 4.2 pounds
Total Loss since weight loss journey got serious on December 13th 2010: 28.4

Not sure about my measurements this week.

The funny thing is, I heard from my buddy Emy yesterday and she gained as well.  Not sure what we were thinking.

Monday, March 14, 2011

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Carolsue from Carolsue's Bloggys: Things I Found on the Web.  You have won the $15 CSN Stores GC.   I will be emailing you shortly.  Please respond to the email by March 15th or I will sadly have to choose another winner.

Carolsue said...

I think this is a really cute item:
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Congratulations again. Thank you all for entering this giveaway.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't forget about my giveaway!!

There are 2 days left to enter my giveaway!!!

Yep, that's right.  Two days left to enter my giveaway for a $15 CSN Stores GC.  
Head over here to enter before 11:59 pm on Saturday night March 12th.  
There are multiple chances to enter and very low entries!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring In2 Action Challenge: Week 2

Spring In2 Action

Okay, it is that time of the week already.  Time to weigh in and check in with Spring In2 Action over a The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  I labeled last week as week 1, though they have this week as week 1.  A little confused, but aren't I always.  I'm just going to keep mine the way it is so as to not confuse myself further.

I really wasn't sure how I was going to do this week.  I know I still haven't been doing as much exercise as I was because of my foot.  And somehow along the way I have gotta away from some of my other goals.  I haven't been exercising twice a day, just once in the morning.  I have been spending more time sitting at the computer again.  And still haven't managed to get to bed by 11pm.  Midnight is about the best I seem to do.  I use the excuse that I have my uninterrupted computer time after the children are finally settled down for the night.  I really don't know how I spend so much time online though.  Gotta work on that bedtime this week.

I have snacked more this week than I had been.  Especially while getting meals ready.  Sometimes I catch myself and pour myself a glass of water.  Gotta remember the water first.  

I thought I was doing well with my meals the way they are.  Then I was reading The Biggest Loser Cookbook that I got out of the library.  According to the book, The Biggest Loser diet consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks. I know they are not the only ones who say that several small meals are better than 3 larger meals.  Maybe following that will help the nibbling.  So does anyone know if it would be wrong to share that recipe here on my blog?

Speaking of the cookbook, last night I made a beef roast in the crock pot and we had Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower, which is a recipe I found in the book.  Unfortunately our small town market does not carry reduced fat grated parmesan cheese, so I used the regular.  It was really tasty though, even though hubby thought it needed more pepper and the children thought it needed less.  Looking forward to another recipe out of the book in a couple of nights to complement our baked fish.  

I also tried to up my green tea intake to 2 cups a day.  Two problems though.  One- I think it may be too much caffeine.  Two- I am finding it hard to find a time to fit it in and get my water.  Gonna try again this week. If it doesn't work I will go back to the one cup as it does seem to be helping me burn fat.

Here are the results of this week:

I am down to 232.8!  That is about where I started my weight loss journey several years before meeting my hubby.  I had gotten down in the  170's at that point and had put on lots of weight after getting married and having three children so close together and not losing the weight in between babies.  My highest weight was 261 back in Dec and I never, ever, ever want to go back there.  I am thrilled to be back in the 230's and can't wait to see the weight come off some more.

Last week's weight

And that loss was achieved without all the exercise I was doing a few weeks ago, before the foot injury.

Here's what I do most.  I have had to do away with some of my favorite strength exercises for the time being because of not being able to balance on one foot at a time.

I know it doesn't seem like I could do a run. I didn't really. Amelia wanted to do it with me, so I sort of walked and swung my arms (aka the wii mote) back and forth.

I'm within reach of my intermediate goal for the WiiFit. I need to lose 1.5 pounds by next week.  I think 220 by my birthday is doable.

And here is precious Hannah, thinking she needs to exercise.

Actually she is practicing her standing!! (Had to share)

Starting weight Spring In2 Action Challenge: 237.7
Previous Weight: 236.6
Today's Weight: 232.8
Weight Loss This Week: 3.8 pounds
Total Loss Since started Challenge: 4.9 pounds
Total Loss since weight loss journey got serious on December 13th 2010: 29.1

And I lost 6 1/2 inches this week!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Giveaway opportunity at Always Around Boys: Wholly Guacamole

Here is another great giveaway that I found about that I would like to share with you.  My "buddy" from the Spring In2 Action weight loss challenge, Emy has a great giveaway going on over at her review and giveaway blog, Always Around Boys.
I have heard of Wholly Guacamole before, seen another giveaway somewhere in the blogosphere.  I only just found out that BJ's Wholesale Club carries it (I saw it in there newsletter and I am hoping our store has it).  Just reading Emy's review post makes me hungry for this guacamole.  And I just discovered that it is the "official" guacamole of The Biggest Loser.  So that has to make it good for someone who wants to lose weight right?

Head on over to her blog by March 13th for your chance to enter to win.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Giveaway Opportunity at My Wee View: 2 Jillian Michaels DVDs

I'm sure most people know who Jillian Michaels is.  We watch her every week on The Biggest Loser.  If you head on over to My Wee View you can enter to win, not one, but 2 of her DVD's to help on your weight loss journey.  They are: 6 Week Six-Pack and Shred-it With Weights.  We just recently saw these at TOPS and wanted to get them.  It would be great to win them.

You have until March 18th to head on over to win.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring In2 Action Challenge: Week 1

Well it is the start of another challenge over at Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. It is called Spring In2 Action and I am so excited to be participating.  This time I am not going this alone.  We were to sign up with a buddy.  So, I joined up with Emy, another mom blogger who I have become bloggy friends with.  I had no idea she was starting a weight loss journey and I am so glad we are both participating in the same challenges.

We were given the option of choosing a name for our team.  Emy suggested a few different names and I really loved "Wannabe Fit Moms."  So that is what we are.  She must really of loved the name, as her blog has been renamed Wannabe Fit Moms, head on over and check it out.

I am looking forward to continuing to implement the tips I have learned both at the Sisterhood and Plus Size Bloggers in this journey.  And I am looking forward to learning new tips. I am also looking forward to making new friends and encouraging one another.

I started out this challenge at 237.7, the weight I recorded at the end of the last challenge.
My current weight is 236.6.
I would love to be able to lose at least another 15 pounds by the end of this challenge, as this is a 6 week challenge.  Technically it began yesterday, March 2 and it ends April 13th.  What a great birthday present that would be to myself, to be down to 220, so I need a loss of 16.6 pounds by the end of this challenge.  My birthday is the 14th.  So, if I make this goal, any ideas what I should give myself for my birthday?

Of course another goal is to get myself out of the "obese" category.  That will not happen this challenge, but I will be ever so much closer to that goal.

Spring In2 Action

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fighting the Fat with Plus Size Bloggers

My weight loss journey has had so many ups and downs in the past.  Definitely having the three children so close together has contributed to my weight gain.  I never really lost the weight between babies.  So the numbers on the scale continued to climb.  After Amelia was born I remember we got the Wii Fit and I was the one in the family using it the most.  But I would work out and just not be losing the weight.  I wish I had known some of the information I now know from reading the information on Plus Size Bloggers.  Vera has shared so much information with us this month to help us "fight the fat."  

I have yet to implement everything I have read.  Some of which I will not do, not because I don't believe it will work but I just can't.  Specifically, even if it would help my metabolism, I can not eat hot peppers and will not eat ginger, ick.  

But there is so much more that has helped me this month.  I have to say these tips probably helped me make the 10 pound goal and I can't wait to add some more of the ideas this month while I try to shrink in inches.  Vera packed so much information into her February 10th post New Report: "Easy Fat Burning."   Head on over to read all the information she shares.  

Some of these things I was already doing.  I have been trying to drink 8 cups of water a day for a while now.  I actually am taking my husband's advice to drink two cups before each meal.  Definitely helps keep me from overeating during the meals.  You know, you tell your kids not to drink all their drink before they eat or they will fill themselves up and not have room for the meal. Yep, makes sense.  That leaves one cup of water in the morning while I am exercising and one close to bed time.  In the report it is recommended not to drink, but I just need that last drink.  Maybe this month I will try to have the last glass of water earlier.  Thing is, it is recommended not to have it before bed because of it disturbing your sleep to have to use the bathroom.  My sleep is disturbed because of my daughter anyhow.  Not the baby as you may be thinking .  It is actually Tabitha, my 4 year old, who is waking up in the middle of the night either to go potty and then needs help with pjs, or with bad dreams.  That is why I haven't been too concerned with drinking the water right before bed.  

The other benefit I am getting from water is that when I get a temptation for something while I am in the kitchen cooking I will pour myself the water instead.  I find I wasn't really hungry after all.

I have mentioned already in a blog post that another big help has been the green tea.  Not only is green tea mentioned several times in the Easy Fat Burning Report, but Vera gave green tea its very own post on February 9th, that I have already linked too.  Who would know that a simple tea would help burn fat because of thermogenic properties.  I can testify to the appetite suppressant properties and the diuretic properties.  I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to drink it because of the caffeine.  I get so shaky, but it doesn't keep me awake.  The first night I thought I wasn't going to be able to continue to drink it.  Since then, no problem.  I am contemplating adding a second cup to see how it helps me this month.  If I have a reaction I will take it as a sign to stay with the one cup that is already helping me.  I mean, 10 pounds in one month! I am thrilled.

I believe the other metabolism booster that has really helped is the muscle I have been building.  I had upped my intensity on the WiiFit while doing my stepping by adding the little hand weights.  I also have used them during my DVD workout.  With all the arm raises on that DVD I have sure been strengthening my arms, and I have had weak arms all my life.  Vera mentions in her post that more muscle will help burn calories even when  resting and sleeping.  With my hurt foot I haven't been able to exercise at the same intensity as I was enjoying a couple of weeks ago.  Yet I still am losing weight at the lower intensity.  Obviously my metabolism has been boosted.  

The main thing that is sticking in my head right now is the phrase "fight the fat."  It is something I hear everyday when I exercise, because I try to do my rhythm boxing every day on the Wii Fit and one of the encouraging phrases the "trainer" uses is "fight the fat."  I can see myself slugging the fat and know I am winning this battle finally.  I can't wait to see what this month holds. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Won at Plus Size Bloggers

First of all, we are all winners. As the weight comes off and we continue to make healthy choices, we win.  I have loved the accountability and the encouragement.  I have also enjoyed getting to know everyone better.  I am really looking forward to this next challenge.
I was thrilled to find out a little while ago that I have won the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook.  Can't wait to try it out.
Thank you so much Vera for offering this prize.

Plus Size Bloggers: March Contest Beginning Measurements

It is time for a new challenge over at Plus Size Bloggers (and Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, but more on that later).  This month it is all about the measurements.  We've probably all seen it.  We think we are having a good week and then our hopes are dashed by the scale.  But as Vera mentions it is not just about the scale.  Sometimes the scale will show no change but we feel different, our clothes fit differently.  So, remember not to get discouraged.  Check your measurements, see if there is loss that the scale can't pick up.  At the same time we also need to remember that muscle weighs more than fat as we were constantly being reminded at a Weight loss/Bible study I used to attend. So anyway, as much as I don't want to share this, I think I must.  There are some body areas here I never measured, so I hope I got it right.
  • Neck: 14 1/2
  • Upper Arm Left: 18 1/4
  • Upper Arm Right: 18
  • Chest: 47 1/2
  • Waist: 46
  • Abdomen: 43
  • Buttocks (6″below waist): 55
  • Upper Thigh left: 30 1/2
  • Upper Thigh right: 30 3/4
  • Calf left: 18 1/4
  • Calf right: 18 1/2
  • Upper Knee left: 20 1/2
  • Upper Knee right: 20
  • Total Inches: 380.75
Wow, that's a lot of inches.  Can't wait to see them disappear.