Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Bit of an Update and some goals

Just wanted to say, "I'm still here!"
I have completely neglected this blog the last several months. I knew my weight was going to keep going up, but when it was going up too fast I just was too chicken to blog about it. I just checked a pregnancy weight gain chart and realized I have already gained more than I should for the entire pregnancy, even though I am only 34 weeks. My doctor however, does say my weight gain is acceptable. I have gained 29 pounds. I guess it could be worse.
My walks are non existent. And will continue to be non existent seeing as the snow has finally arrived and I don't want to risk falling at 34 weeks pregnant. The balance board no longer works (we just tried it with new batteries). I am addicted to chocolate and peanut butter, preferably ice cream. And I have to eat before bed, depending upon how late I stay up.
I am trying to eat my salads again. At the beginning of the pregnancy and until recently I just couldn't down more than a little bit, not even a side salad size. And I had been used to eat a big plate full of salad before I got pregnant! For some reason I have no problem scarfing down starchy foods though. I have 4.5 weeks to improve my eating habits, to get out of this rut, so that after the baby is born on Feb 17 I can flow straight back into the good habits I had 9 months ago. I will not be able to exercise for a while. I am having a c-section. But I will try my hardest to limit the sugary snacks.
I was thrilled to find out Plus Size Bloggers is starting a new challenge a few days after I give birth. Perfect timing. Not sure how it will work, but I will make it my goal to do all I can.