Monday, June 6, 2011

Tracking My Food and Water Intake week of 6-2-11 through 6-5-11

Okay, I am going to try keeping track of my food and water intake by putting it into a weekly post.  I will save it as a draft and quickly type in what I eat after every meal.   Water will be included on here for now.

Thursday June 2, 2011

1 serving Frosted Mini Wheats and milk

2 cups water
1 cup green tea

1 breaded chicken patty
1 cup whole wheat pasta with <1/2 cup sauce
1/2 cup glazed carrots
1/2 cup canned apricots

2 cups water

2 cups water
3 apple pancakes with 1/2 tbs I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light and 1 1/2 tbs syrup
3 slices Jenny-O Turkey Bacon
glass milk
1 cup water

Friday June 3, 2011

2 egg white cooked up in a bit of tub margarine (we were out of spray)
1 slice turkey bacon
1 whole wheat deli flat
15 grapes
1 cup water

3 cups water, 1 shred of cheese, 2 bites egg (while preparing lunch, we had gone shopping and were late getting lunch, so I was a tad hungry.  Then I actually had more of the egg, not sure how much

Whole Wheat Tortilla Wrap with 5 breaded chicken tenders (1 1/4 servings), a couple of handfuls of romaine, 2 mushrooms, 2 broccoli florets, 2 mini carrots, 1/4 of a cob of corn, and 2 TBS light honey mustard dressing.
Snap Peas
Half of 1 mini muffin (4 in a serving, so I had 1/8 of a serving)
Special K bar.

cup green tea
3 cups water

1 sloppy Joe on a hamburger bun
3 pierogies
glazed carrots

1 cup water

Saturday June 4, 2011

2 cups water (1 with lemon wedge)

2 waffles, 1 tbs peanut butter, 1/4 large apple sliced thin
Cup milk

2 cups water

1 whole wheat tortilla with 1/2 can tuna mixed with 1 tbs mayo and 2 cups romaine, 2 mushrooms, chopped onion, chopped green pepper, 1 oz light cheddar cheese and 1/2 serving light honey mustard dressing.
Approx 1/2 container strawberry banana yogurt (Hannah ate the rest)
1 Special K bar

1 cup green tea

1 1/2 chicken breasts, glazed carrots, 3 1/2 pierogies, grapes, most of a strawberry cereal bar, 1 1/2 oz monterey jack cheese

2 cups water

Sunday June 5, 2011

3 cups water (1 with lemon wedge)
I ran out of time to eat breakfast as we were rushing around for church.
2 pieces coffee cake, several grapes, 1 section orange, half a strawberry, couple more bites of coffee cake- spread out throughout church time (it was refreshment Sunday)

2 cups water
1 slice white bread, 1 slice bologna, little bit of light honey mustard dressing, 1 oz cheese (approx)
1 cup green tea
quite a few finger fulls of Cool Whip while making grahamwiches.

Took a nap

2 cups water
1/2 cup brown rice
1/2 cup pork/cream of mushroom soup mixture
1/2 cup canned green beans
2 grahamwiches
1 hamburger roll, 1 slice bologna, onion, romaine, green pepper, 3 pierogies, few blueberries

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