Monday, June 20, 2011

My Tracking Goals for the week.

Okay, I have GOT to do a better job recording what I put past these lips of mine this week.  I think I will also include my exercise on my tracking post so if I forget to get on the silly Wii, the exercise will still be recorded.  I'm still sticking to walking and stepping to movies/shows this week.  Maybe one of these days I will add in the Wii Fit again.  Oh, wait, I have to get working batteries first.  Unfortunately that is not high on my priority list when I can get exercise in by walking around town. Perhaps I will make it my goal this week to increase my walks by 2 minutes each day and my stepping by 5 minutes for this week (not 5 minutes each time, just 35 minutes instead of 30) and see if I can increase it another 5 next week.
I really am not sure what my calorie goal should be with nursing.  I realize I am not exclusively nursing as Hannah is over a year old.  But I really don't think 1200 to 1400 calories is enough.  Maybe I am wrong.  I'm not trying to look for an excuse to eat more calories, I just want to know I am eating right.  I do think the fact that I am eating healthier calories than I was half a year ago is better for Hannah anyway. The other problem I have is trying to figure out the calories.  I have been writing down what I've been eating.  But how do you figure out the calories in the quiche I made last week or a casserole.  I am trying to focus more on the amounts, knowing I am eating 1/2 cup of rice for example.  I need to find my First Place book.  In the old program I was doing (I don't believe they teach this anymore) we were to count exchanges.  I did pretty good knowing I had to eat so many veggies, fruits, grains, milk products and protein foods.  That is what I think will work best for me.  Instead of having to figure out the calories in everything I eat.  Of course not knowing the healthy calorie limit isn't helping.  I think the most important thing for me is to stop the snacking and make sure I write everything down accurately.  I was doing great at the beginning of the year and I wasn't tracking.  But I know it is a requirement for the Slimmer this Summer challenge.
The water intake is easy enough to remember usually. Two glasses before each meal and 1 between each meal and before bed.
Let's see if I can make this work.


  1. I don't know if this will help but have you checked out If you input how much you want to lose each week, it will calculate how many calories you can eat per will also tell you if the amount per week you want to lose is a healthy amount.

  2. Sorry livestrong wouldn't work for you...when my meals contain a mixture, I will put them in individually and guesstimate the amount---I figure as many meals over the years that I've cooked, I can get fairly close. One thing that has been very helpful is using Debbi's recipes--they're already counted out for you and you just input them manually.