Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fighting the Fat with Plus Size Bloggers

My weight loss journey has had so many ups and downs in the past.  Definitely having the three children so close together has contributed to my weight gain.  I never really lost the weight between babies.  So the numbers on the scale continued to climb.  After Amelia was born I remember we got the Wii Fit and I was the one in the family using it the most.  But I would work out and just not be losing the weight.  I wish I had known some of the information I now know from reading the information on Plus Size Bloggers.  Vera has shared so much information with us this month to help us "fight the fat."  

I have yet to implement everything I have read.  Some of which I will not do, not because I don't believe it will work but I just can't.  Specifically, even if it would help my metabolism, I can not eat hot peppers and will not eat ginger, ick.  

But there is so much more that has helped me this month.  I have to say these tips probably helped me make the 10 pound goal and I can't wait to add some more of the ideas this month while I try to shrink in inches.  Vera packed so much information into her February 10th post New Report: "Easy Fat Burning."   Head on over to read all the information she shares.  

Some of these things I was already doing.  I have been trying to drink 8 cups of water a day for a while now.  I actually am taking my husband's advice to drink two cups before each meal.  Definitely helps keep me from overeating during the meals.  You know, you tell your kids not to drink all their drink before they eat or they will fill themselves up and not have room for the meal. Yep, makes sense.  That leaves one cup of water in the morning while I am exercising and one close to bed time.  In the report it is recommended not to drink, but I just need that last drink.  Maybe this month I will try to have the last glass of water earlier.  Thing is, it is recommended not to have it before bed because of it disturbing your sleep to have to use the bathroom.  My sleep is disturbed because of my daughter anyhow.  Not the baby as you may be thinking .  It is actually Tabitha, my 4 year old, who is waking up in the middle of the night either to go potty and then needs help with pjs, or with bad dreams.  That is why I haven't been too concerned with drinking the water right before bed.  

The other benefit I am getting from water is that when I get a temptation for something while I am in the kitchen cooking I will pour myself the water instead.  I find I wasn't really hungry after all.

I have mentioned already in a blog post that another big help has been the green tea.  Not only is green tea mentioned several times in the Easy Fat Burning Report, but Vera gave green tea its very own post on February 9th, that I have already linked too.  Who would know that a simple tea would help burn fat because of thermogenic properties.  I can testify to the appetite suppressant properties and the diuretic properties.  I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to drink it because of the caffeine.  I get so shaky, but it doesn't keep me awake.  The first night I thought I wasn't going to be able to continue to drink it.  Since then, no problem.  I am contemplating adding a second cup to see how it helps me this month.  If I have a reaction I will take it as a sign to stay with the one cup that is already helping me.  I mean, 10 pounds in one month! I am thrilled.

I believe the other metabolism booster that has really helped is the muscle I have been building.  I had upped my intensity on the WiiFit while doing my stepping by adding the little hand weights.  I also have used them during my DVD workout.  With all the arm raises on that DVD I have sure been strengthening my arms, and I have had weak arms all my life.  Vera mentions in her post that more muscle will help burn calories even when  resting and sleeping.  With my hurt foot I haven't been able to exercise at the same intensity as I was enjoying a couple of weeks ago.  Yet I still am losing weight at the lower intensity.  Obviously my metabolism has been boosted.  

The main thing that is sticking in my head right now is the phrase "fight the fat."  It is something I hear everyday when I exercise, because I try to do my rhythm boxing every day on the Wii Fit and one of the encouraging phrases the "trainer" uses is "fight the fat."  I can see myself slugging the fat and know I am winning this battle finally.  I can't wait to see what this month holds. 


  1. Thanks for the helpful links! I will definitely check them out. I need a lot of help in drinking water(I would rather drink coffee or tea☺)! I love the phrase to remember 'fight the fat'... I need to remember that too!
    I usually have papers taped up everywhere with inspirational quotes, bible verse or phrases to help keep me in line but lately my walls and cupboards have been bare...hmmmm maybe a trip to my printer is in order!

  2. Love your post!! WTG on the 10lbs!!

  3. I already opened the links in another window, but will most definitely go out and get some green tea!

    Keep up the great work! 10 pounds is a lot to lose in one month. I definitely need to follow suit :-)

    Let's FIGHT THE FAT!!!