Thursday, January 6, 2011

New You 2011

Hi, my name is Karen.  This is not the first time I have tried to lose weight.  I was never skinny by any stretch of the imagination growing up.  However, after having six babies I made it to my heaviest weight @ 261.9 on Dec 13th 2010.  Ironically, this was after I started this blog and planned on losing weight.  As I look back on my Wii Fit data, I just realized that was the exact weight I was right before the baby was born in April!  That was the heaviest I have ever been and I hope to not ever see that weight again.  Since getting serious about exercising I have made it down to 254.2 as of today.  At first I was still roller coastering.  But I now seem to be on a steady (though sort of slow) decline.  
I have been exercising every morning, though today I was unable to finish my aerobics because the baby woke up.  I have decided the aerobic activities on the Wii Fit are poorly labeled.  After starting to use my Moving to the Word Aerobic Workout DVD that I got from First Place quite a few years ago I realized that I was definitely not getting a real workout with the WiiFit.  The Wii Fit does not allow you to keep on moving to keep your heart rate up.  I love the Step and Rhythm Boxing, and had added the Rhythm Parade, Kung Fu, Jogging and Obstacle Course to my work out (which starts with the Yoga and Strength exercises I chose to put on My Routine), but it was not giving me the same intensity of a work out as the DVD is.  
I weight myself when I start and then I weigh myself when I am done, using the after-exercise weight as the one to keep for the day and to share.  It is amazing how much weight difference there is after exercising.  Usually like 1.3 pounds.  The only downfall of this method, I found out this morning, is when I can't finish my routine because the baby wakes up my weight loss during exercise is not as much and I am left with a higher weight as my daily weight.  Oh, well.
This week has also been a success because I have not had any candy or cookies or ice cream or donuts. You get the idea.  I don't think I could have accomplished this if I had not decided I would give up these sweets as part of our church's Week of Prayer. Fasting was recommended, but as I am nursing I decided to give up the above listed foods.  God is good!  I have not even been tempted when the children are eating these foods.
I am hoping to stay motivated this time. With the different blogs I have found and challenges I feel I will accomplish some great weight loss.
I have decided to participate in the following:

The Pound for Pound Challenge

Power of One Challenge
The Power of One

( I just can't get their button to work)
 and now

You can check out my New Year, New Start 2011 post to check out my goals.

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