Monday, January 10, 2011

Letter to myself

Okay, the assignment over at Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants is to write a letter from my 2012 self to my 2011 self, looking back on my accomplishments of this year.  I am going to attempt this.

Hey Karen,
I know you are really into this time travel thing, so I decided I needed to write you a letter to let you know how you have done this year.  Don't worry about the Temporal Prime Directive.  I want to encourage you.  So here goes.
You did such a great job starting the year.  The Week of Prayer fast really helped to decrease your desire for sweets.  Yes, you gave in to a few sweets a week, but nothing like you have in the past.  Moderation is the key and you have learned it, finally.  Your goal to eat at least one salad a day was almost successful.. There were just some days that you weren't interested in a salad.  But you did make sure to at least eat a vegetable with your lunch and dinners.  It got a little boring during the winter, but summer brought that wide variety again, and boy did you enjoy your salads and veges.  And those summer fruits were delicious.  You were really excited to try out the new food program you read about.  Unfortunately you weren't able to implement everything, but you gave what you could a try.

You did a great job keeping up with your exercise routine. You continued to add exercises to your routine.  Hannah did make things a little difficult at times, but you didn't let yourself get discouraged.  You remembered that you CAN exercise during naptime.  (And you can read your Bible at naptime too.)  You were so excited when you got your step DVD.  It gave you some more variety.  You're looking forward to trying out the advanced DVDs you have sometime this year.  When the weather got warmer you added walks to your days.  The girls really enjoyed being able to walk.  Unfortunately we couldn't walk all the way around the entire year.  They finally decided to work on that bridge.  But the girls had a lot of fun watching as they worked.  So did daddy of course.

You fell behind on your Bible reading, but you didn't give up.  Good for you.  You started doing your devotions again which has really been inspiring.  Don't worry if you can't read it in the morning, you tried, but it didn't always happen.  You started writing down your prayer time again.  What an inspiration that was.  You remembered to give Christ first place and boy did He work in your life.  Praise God!!

Now, what you really want to know.  Did you lose weight?  Yes, and how! You blew by your 60 pound goal.  You are back in the 100's and you have energy again.  You are fitting in the clothes that were in the back of your closet.  Of course it meant getting rid of the bigger clothes.  Don't worry, good riddance.  Now that you are going to be weighing  a decent weight you can find clothes a lot easier.

So keep up the good work!  Get up and exercise.  Get the girls to exercise with you, they will continue to love it.  Remember that you don't need that cookie or ice cream.  And don't beat yourself up about the few you eat.  You will not get through this if you give them up completely because you will gorge on them when you get the desire for them.  Remember all the live, tasty foods that God provides.  Yum yum.  You can do this, I am proof.


  1. I love your stuck with it and your hard work will pay off big time!

  2. Great letter! What a great year you have ahead of you. I love that you got rid of your bigger clothes as you grew out of them and that you took on moderation. Moderation is no small feat to achieve, but so important and so worthwhile. I can't wait to watch your year unfold!