Monday, August 15, 2011

Weigh In #10: Plus Size Bloggers Tracking Challenge: Bye Bye Booties! and Slimmer This Summer Check In

It appears that being able to take walks during VBS has helped my weight.  I didn't have a huge loss.  In fact, not much of a loss at all.  But I didn't gain, and that is perfect for me right now.  Especially having to eat the pretzel (and sometimes more) at bedtime.  
Before I go any further I thought I would clarify one point.  I have mentioned it in the past, but I have noticed by people's comments that not everyone is aware I am pregnant.  I know, perfect timing, in the middle of  a weight loss challenge.  Even if I lose a little, I know I will not be losing the amount needed for the challenge.  I have come to terms with that.  What I haven't come to terms with is my body's cravings for unhealthy foods and my being unable to down my salads the way I was doing before I got pregnant.  You would think that a pregnant body would be craving the healthy things.  Just doesn't seem fair.  
I have to eat before I get out of bed in the morning.  Each pregnancy has been different for me.  Last pregnancy I was eating Crispix.  This time it is Life or Cinnamon Life cereal.  I have to have eggs for breakfast, either scrambled or an egg sandwich.  I've tried doing the 1 egg, 1 egg white, but seem to need both whole eggs.  I usually have some sort of cheese with this and try to get in some spinach or broccoli if I remember, which hasn't been that often lately. Hoping posting this will help me remember to add the veggie.  I have a cup of apple or orange juice with my prenatal vitamins and iron.  
Mid-morning I need to have a snack.  I usually grab some sort of granola bar or cereal bar.  Lunch varies, but I miss my big salads, as I have already mentioned. We have pb&j, chicken patties, tuna, chicken nuggets, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, or bologna and cheese. Those are what we alternate through usually.  I try to get some sort of veggie, but most of the time I am making a canned veggie for the children, and as I don't like them very much I try to eat a small salad, but can't even down that.  I have been fortunate to have been able to get some tomatoes out of our garden, though they are tiny due to the lack of rain and intense heat last month.  Sometimes I eat fruit, sometimes not.  
I definitely find myself eating too much junk.  I AM trying.  At least hubby limited me to one pretzel  at bedtime this week (I'm talking about the soft frozen pretzels that you have to warm up in the oven. We add a very small amount of salt and 2 thin, thin slices of deli Muenster cheese). That may have helped.  As did the hour long walks while the children were in VBS, I'm sure.  

As I said, a small loss.
The great thing is, I still weigh less than I did at the start of my previous pregnancy!

Previous Monday Weight: 222.2
Today's Weight: 222
Weight change from last week: - .2

Total Loss since weight loss journey got serious on December 13th 2010: 39.9


  1. I think others will weigh in with comments about those cravings. One thing to be sure of though is to drink plenty of water. Keep your protein level up, too. Have a great week!

  2. A loss is a loss, it's always a good thing!

  3. I certainly don't expect someone pregnant to LOSE a bunch of weight. The important thing, as you already know and stated, is to eat WELL, have plenty of good food that support the new life inside. The fact that you lost at all..well, whoa, lookee you!

    Focus on what you can: spinach or tomato with the egg, fruit with the sandwich (or a fruit smoothie), maybe frozen instead of canned veggies (so much better in flavor and nutrition). Every bit of good food counts.

    Have a great weekend.