Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weekly Weigh In- June Tune Up/Weight Loss Wednesdays- 6/13/12

June Tune-Up Challenge       

Not sure if you read last week's post, but I mentioned how last week's weight loss helped me psychologically. Unfortunately this weeks weight GAIN also impacted me psychologically. I know I snacked more this past week and didn't meet most of my goals. And then I got upset and really snacked today. Wondering if I will ever learn. Here's to a better week.
 Here are my goals for June. Let's see how I did.
Green = success
Red= Failure
  1. No snacking after dinner. (Only exception is Saturday for movie and popcorn night.)
  2. Get to bed by 11:00 or soon thereafter depending on baby.
  3. Get moving somehow everyday.
  4. Dessert at lunch is fruit.
  5. Dessert at dinner is a healthy snack. Like today we had graham crackers and fat free cool whip. 
  6. I will allow myself a unhealthy dessert once or twice a week (if I am making something with the girls.) 
  7. I will write down everything I eat. I am not going to attempt to sit down and figure out my calories at this point. But I will keep a record of what I eat.
Didn't drink my tea every day and my water consumption wasn't as good. Guess I know why I gained weight. Thing is, I didn't expect to gain almost ALL of it back.  Grrrrr.

So, my starting weight for this summer of weight loss is 242.1

Last week's weight was 238.5

This week's weight is

I gained 2.9 pounds.
I am now 19.5 pounds lighter than my highest weight in Dec of 2010.
And I never did get my measurements.


  1. There is so much that can affect your weight from week to week. I wouldn't worry about this week's gain so much. Next week you'll probably be down again. But I would focus on that amazing number of 19.5 lbs down since December. That's great! You'll get there my friend! Just keep believing in yourself and keep moving forward! Thanks for joining WLWed!

  2. Just dropping by to check on you! Hope you've had a great week!