Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesdays May 25, 2011

I didn't do that great this week. I had decided last week that I really need to focus on the children more and have been having great lesson times with them. But I had to sacrifice my exercise time in the morning.  I understand it is important to take care of myself.  I understand that I need to exercise.  But I was getting to the end of my morning and wondering where it went.  We have been getting out more to the park and for walks, so I am more active than I have been.  My snacking was terrible though, as was my water and tea consumption again.  Though these last few days I have been working on improving those.  I don't think I met any of my goals.  However, I did lose .8 pounds, so I am pleased.

Previous Weight: 222.4
Today's Weight: 221.6
Weight loss from last week: .8
Total weight loss for May: 2.4

Total Loss since weight loss journey got serious on December 13th 2010: 40.3!!

I was also pleased to notice the other day that Plus Size Bloggers is starting a new challenge for the summer months- June 6-Aug 29.  Head on over to check it out.

If you would like some encouragement on your weight loss journey I invite you over to Tots and Me (my main/homeschooling blog) to enter my giveaway for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Shaping Up the New You.  I even have some extra entries for anyone who is on a weight loss journey.  Come check it out!!!

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  1. Just keep going one day at a time like you have been!
    Also, you have been awarded a stylish blogger award! Check out my blog for the deets!