Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Your Way: Check in May 11, 2011

May Your Way Challenge

I am really not sure what I want to post this week.  I thought I was having a great week. I kept my goals, I exercised every day.  And yet the scale definitely did not show it this week.  What happened????

Here are my goals I listed on May 1st:

*I will drink 2 glasses of water before each meal. Check
*I will drink 1 cup of green tea each day. Check
*I will not snack between meals or while cooking/preparing meals. Check
*I will not eat after supper. Check
*I will not eat any candy, cake, frosting, ice cream, "sweet" cereals (Frosted mini wheats do not count), etc.  I am committing to this on a weekly basis. Check, I only had one sweet this week as planned, at the Mother/Daughter Banquet we went to on Saturday.  This week I will again allow myself 1 day of something sugary.  I almost was going to give up on this altogether, but I don't want to give in just because I am upset.  Keeping this as a goal helps me stay motivated because I am accountable.
*I will exercise for at least a half an hour every day.  Hope to get the Wii fit routine in at least 3 days and the Aerobics DVD in at least 2 days.  Other days I am hoping to walk or at the very least step for 1/2 hour.Check. Did my Wii Fit Yoga/Strength routine every day and got in my DVD several times.  We even took walks this week and tried out a Dance routine on Netflix.

Compared to last week I think I did great this week.

And yet I lost more last week than I did this week.  As a matter of fact this is one of my worst weeks this year.  I am very very frustrated. It is reminding me of two years ago when I was exercising and just kept flip flopping, not really losing anything. I have to admit that at least I am losing.  I am continuing to slowly lose weight.  But I thought for sure I had had a better week. I even measured myself and was disappointed that there has not been much change since the end of the Plus Size Blogger's March contest.  

Enough said on that subject.  Complaining won't change this week's results.

Moving on to the Sisterhood challenges.

I definitely enjoyed this week's SisterChat more than last week's.  I had the girls in bed in time and I was able to focus.  I planned on joining in on the #tworkout last night.  I had changed my clothes and everything, had the girls in bed, got on my Twitter... and couldn't figure out how in the world to "participate."  I had even planned on participating in the Biggest Loser/Subway Twitter party.  I am a complete newbie when it comes to Twitter, though I have had an account for a while.  The most I do is post about giveaways.  And my Tots and Me blog is linked up, so my posts are posted.  Other than that, I have no idea how to use # and @ or where to post or anything.  If anyone can help me I would love to hear from you.  I was so ready to workout last night.

I was looking forward to seeing what the Sisterhood Says Challenge would be for this week.  I did great with my water this past week.  It helped that it was already one of my goals.  This week I need to get in 5 servings of fruits and veges every day.  I get lots of veges in usually.  I will just have to make sure I get the specific servings in.

I had been hoping that participating in the 31 Days to Clean Challenge this month would help me with the weight loss as I am supposed to be up and cleaning each day.  I have had a hard time keeping up with this challenge too.

Anyhow, here are this week's results:
Today's weight:

Last week's weight:

Previous Weight: 223.1
Today's Weight: 222.9
Weight loss from last week: .2
Total weight loss for May Your Way: 1.1

Total Loss since weight loss journey got serious on December 13th 2010: 39

If you would like some encouragement on your weight loss journey I invite you over to Tots and Me (my main/homeschooling blog) to enter my giveaway for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Shaping Up the New You.  I even have some extra entries for anyone who is on a weight loss journey or who is participating in May Your Way.  Come check it out!!!

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  1. There are a lot of green checks up there! Keep up the good work!

  2. You are doing great!! Don't get discouraged....the weight will keep coming off!!

  3. Looks like a great check in week! Don't know if you're up for another challenge but I'm starting a summer weight loss challenge. Details on my blog.

    Is that the Wii Fit screen? I have Wii fit but have never seen those graphs, I must be missing something!