Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet: F is for Frustrated

I am just so frustrated with myself. I can't seem to stick to any plan to get healthy. I start each week with high hopes and big plans only to sabotage them myself within the first day or two. The Biggest Loser Challenge with our Weight Loss Accountability Group has come to the end of round 1, but I haven't lost near as much as I had hoped for. 

Beginning weight Feb 1st: 262.6
March 2nd weight: 258.2
March 29th weight: 247.8
Final weight for BLC Round 1 April 27th: 246.3

I lost a total of 16.3 pounds. While I am happy that my weight is decreasing, I was really hoping for quite a bit more than this. The week that I had actually juiced every day, I lost 7 pounds. Granted that is a little too big when it comes to healthy weight loss, but I would love to see some bigger numbers.

I know it is not going to fall off itself. I have to get up early enough to exercise. I need to stop making excuses when it comes to not making my salads for lunch and my juice for dinner. 

I would have much rather have posted about how I was "fight[ing] the fat" as the boxing trainer tells me on WiiFit Plus. So, here is to another round of Biggest Loser Challenge Weight Loss Accountability Group version. Hoping for a good week with exercising, eating and weighing in.

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